Our group consists of :

Teun Dekker (teun.dekker@slu.se link:  Researchgate, SLU page)
William Walker III (link: Researchgate)
Tibebe Dejene  (link: Researchgate)
Fikira Kimbokota (link: Researchgate)
PhD Student Ilich Figueroa
PhD student Sebastian Larsson Herrera (link: Researchgate)



Relevant publications:
Biasazin TD, S Larsson Herrera, F Kimobokota, T Dekker 2018 Translating olfactomes into attractants: shared volatiles provide attractive bridges for polyphagy in fruit flies. Ecology Letters, 2018. Read PDF

Biasazin TD, HT Chernet, S Larsson Herrera, M Bengtsson,MF Karlsson , JK Lemmen-Lechelt , T Dekker  2018 Detection of Volatile Constituents from Food Lures by Tephritid Fruit Flies. Insects, 2018. Read PDF

Figueroa IC, V Bautista​, S Larsson Herrera​, A Walter,​​ N Ortuño Castro, M Tasin, T Dekker 2018 The potential of locally sustainable food baits and traps against the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata in Bolivia. Pest management science, in press Read PDF

Münch D, CG Galizia 2016 DoOR 2.0–Comprehensive Mapping of Drosophila melanogaster Odorant Responses. Scientific reports 2016